Inspired by my set from “Rememberence” on 01.18.15, A Benefit for 3 young souls who lost their lives due to an intoxicated driver, driving the wrong way on the Freeway and causing a head on collision.

G.A.M.M.A. – Peace, Love and Bass – Vol. 2 by G.A.M.M.A.
A mix by: G.A.M.M.A.

Its back! Peace, Love and Bass Vol 2 is finally here! Peace, love and Bass is a mindset as well as a sound. Grab those sub woofers, turn the bass up and be blasted into pure bliss. This is a collection of songs that make you feel that special feeling, songs that make you go “Ughh!” That special cross between hip hop, bass music and progressive melody’s that will take you to the next level.

So grab a drink, pack up your favorite piece, sit back in you favorite chair, whatever you do to relax and close your eyes. Get ready to go on journey. As the future continues hold true to the three things that combine us, unite us, smash up into a giant ball of togetherness and join us as we are rattled away into existence by the Peace, Love and Bass. As always thank you for your support without you I wouldn’t be here doing what i do.

Feel free to listen, download and don’t forget to SHARE it with your friends and Family. Big ups to all the artist that made this mix possible.
Tracklisting @ Peace, Love and Bass – Vol. 2 on Soundcloud

G.A.M.M.A. and Atom O.N.E. – Volume 1 by G.A.M.M.A. and Atom O.N.E.
A mix by: G.A.M.M.A. and Atom O.N.E.

It has been a long time coming.
The epic, “G.A.M.M.A. & ATOM O.N.E. vol 1 CD” is finally here!
Official Release: December 25th, 2012


Raindance Set – Downtempo / Glitch Hop by G.A.M.M.A. on Mixcloud

Opening the Main Stage at Raindance 2013 for Rena Jones provided me with an unique opportunity to play a ton of music i have been collecting over the years for just this occasion. I had an amazing time at the Festival and opening for Rena Jones was an amazing experience!


Step to the Past by DjGamma
A mix by: G.A.M.M.A.

Well here we are again… The Summer of 2011 is coming to close and its been another one for the books. Its amazing to sit outside under the stars at some of the best events the world has to offer and I feel blessed that the majority of them go down here in the Wooded Mountain areas of California! California Festivals and Campouts are world renowned and there’s a reason for it. A whole culture and people surround themselves in it every year from Early Spring to Early Fall. They just don’t attend the events but help make the events what they are. One can’t help but feel that this must have been what the 60’s were like to some degree and feel the love and community that is brought together by them.

That beautiful radiance it comes from all the people, the wonderfully Earthy surroundings and of course that fantastic music that comes thumping from those large Sound Systems! One can’t help but be inspired by the congregation of ideas and culture. Its such a wonderful mix.
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These are the Days by DjGamma

These are the Days

A tribute to the Summer of 2010 performed at Memories. Well summer has approached, stopped, sat with us, and is now casually starting to move away. The sun is noticeably going down earlier and coming up later. Temperatures have been moderate so far this summer and has left us with a very pleasant summer feeling. Not too often do you wish it was a little warmer during summer here in Sacramento. This years warmer season has definitely carried more weight with me.
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G.A.M.M.A. – For Who the Bells Jingle by DjGamma

For Who the Bells Jingle

A fun little Christmas Mix for listening or download! You ever hear so much of one music that your brain starts to twist them and remix them in the background of your life. Like a faint wind that only you can hear. Every year I feel this way about Christmas Music. Always wanting to work on some sweet Christmas music remix’s but by the time I have time, Christmas is already here and gone and so leaves that ever present background of music that floats along with you.
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Space Rocks! mixed by G.A.M.M.A. by DjGamma

Space Rocks!

Initially release on 12/28/08 for G.A.M.M.A.’s Birthday to the first 100 people who came in the door, now after waiting 8 months its finally here. “Space Rocks!” also known as “Tangerine Space Rocks!” is an amazing mix of many different styles thrown in a blender mixed up and spit back out. Coming out the gate with some warbly glitchy techno, big basslines and drum beats get you going while this set takes off into outerspace. As the mix moves on expect to hear tearing electro type sounds all the while accompanied by acidic spacial melodies and textures reverberating from one end of your head to the other. This mix has been programmed for that special trip into outerspace.

The Dance of the Dead by DjGamma
A mix by: G.A.M.M.A.

Keeping in tradition this mix is nothing like the last mix I put out. Actually there’s about 3 mixes that i have just sitting waiting to be finished but you gotta go where the flow takes you and well Halloween inspired me this year and I just sat down and banged this one out. So this isn’t what I usually play, some of its a bit harder then I usually go but that’s the beauty of doing themed type mixes. It allows you to go places you don’t normally go.

I Started compiling these tracks a few years ago. I love Halloween and well i love doing Holiday Mixes so it just made sense to make a mix of a bunch of scary, dark, hard songs that tie into that Creepy vibe of Halloween.

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For the Love by G.A.M.M.A. on Mixcloud

This mix was originally supposed to come out as a semi sequel to Peace, Love and Bass. There were a few things I wasn’t quite happy with and in the absence of a solution started working on another mix just for fun which then turned into my “Step to the Past” mix. “Step to the Past” was so well received that I needed to give it time to fully spread to the crowd and fear of releasing them too closely together this mix was put on the back burner to the point where the tracks seemed no longer relevant to the time. Its sat on the proverbial shelf for years now and after some thought have decided to release as part of a new mix series that I can add to in the future called the “the Lost Mixes”.

So sit back enjoy. Take a trip back in time to June of 2011 when I first recorded this.

If you want to download a copy go here: (save as)

Peace, Love and Bass by G.A.M.M.A. on Mixcloud

Peace, Love and Bass!

Sometimes when you’re sitting alone and the world starts to quiet around you, you can feel this underlying pressure. A pressure not quantifiable in anything besides a presence you can “sense”. As if somethings not right in the world and you can feel the disharmony if you listen close enough. I know its not just me who hears it, I meet people all the time who talk about it, sometimes unknowning of what they really speak of. When brought to attention I’m constantly surprised at how many people are totally aware of it but act with the “what can I do about it” attitude.

Prohibition – kaZantip by DjGamma


This is one of those mixes that come out and make you go hummm. A mix mash of artists, elements and styles.This mix was originally inspired by the event “Prohibition Underground” that took place in November in a small 500 person underground warehouse in West Oakland, California. The place was packed full to the brim and spilling out to the street, filled with all sorts of people wearing flapper dresses, zuit suits, feather boas and derby hats. Quite the site to see.A truly epic event and one that encouraged me to make this mix.
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Philo Bass mixed by: G.A.M.M.A. by DjGamma

PhiloBass (the love of bass)

A Special Burning Man 2009 mix! This mixed keyed to tracks that are bass heavy and not necessarily defined by genres, you’ll find techno, breaks, house, electro all smashed up, mixed together.

Sepia Static mixed by G.A.M.M.A. by DjGamma

Sepia Static

Deep, Dark, and Twisted are some words that describe this mix that takes you for a trip through time and space ripping you out of your body and leaving just your consciousness. This is the first full Techno mix from G.A.M.M.A. in over 2 years,and boy has it been a long time coming. Not for the faint of heart this mix grinds your ears with white noise and moves your body with its deep, dirty, pulsing grooves. So sit back, strap in, open your ears, your mind and your soul.