02-01-10: Its been awhile since I’ve posted. Life has been keeping me extra busy these days. Added a bunch of events today so make sure you check out the event section. My new mix album Prohibition that was due to be released at the end of December has been suffering from major production related delays, but will definitely be available this month at the very least online. So stay tuned in for that, its going to be a really fun album! New Years this year rocked! Had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year in my home town of Sacramento at the Sheraton Grand Ballroom! Unfortunately the people in the Bollywood room couldn’t maintain and the event had to be shut down early, but otherwise I thought it was a great success and loved playing in such a nice venue.

January was great! Played the Lunchbox Radio 1 year Anniversary for the Mantis’ Birthday. Lets just say that I dropped a 5 hour set and saying it was an excellent night is an understatement! If you want to download the 5 hour set its up for Podcast at:
LunchboxRadio.com – Podcasts
Be warned its definitely not my cleanest mix, actually there’s some down right bad mixing, but fuck who cares is what i say. I’m not a robot, I had a blast and so it seemd did everyone else. It was the first and only time I’ve been recorded for so long and it was a pleasure! Thank you LBR for the oppurtunity!

The following weekend headed out to Chicago for an underground called, Masquerave, held in an Arcade in South Side Chicago. Apparently tons of history with events at this location so I was stoked to be there. Place errupted! Seriously had an awesome time, crowd was on point, dancing, screaming, throwing their hands in the air. Thanks to Infrared Productions for having me out! What a night and can’t wait to return to Chicago!

Last weekend January 30th came the 4th installment of Super Duper Bowl and wow was it Super! Place was packed like I haven’t seen an event packed in ages. Sometimes taking 30 mins to get from one side of the venue to the other. Played with Dragn’fly and threw it down. At events like these with awesome crowds, great production it really makes it easier for us to get in the groove. Its always an honor to play with Dragn’fly and is just getting better everytime. I really had such a good time, Way to go Sacramento! Keep it up! Thanks to Midnite, National Entity and Lite Brite, well done everyone!