11-30-10: Wow What happened! I feel like I’m in a time warp! Haven’t had a chance to update the site since New York back in October. Seems like its been non stop since then. Thank goodness for a little bit of a breather for Thanksgiving. Saw the fam and now onto December the best month of the year. Dec 25 Xmas, Dec 28 My Bday and Dec 31st New Years!!! Whats not to like about a week of partying and seeing your friends and family, Whoop! Lots of stuff coming up, Steven Rock Memorial Event on December 3rd in Bend, OR. Following weekend on December 11th, The Emerald Cup at Area 101 and then December 18th with Jingle Your Bells, the 6th annual holiday Party and Canned Food Drive! Going to be an off the hook month! Hope to see you around! Much love!!