11-16-09: WOW! What a weekend or should I say WOW! What a Saturday night! Started off with a surprise warmup set at “We Are One”. Atom ONE had an opening and I jumped at the oppurtunity to get those creative juices flowing. Went home, showered up, got my Zuit Suit on and then off to Prohibiton. Got there the place was packed to the brim with people dressed up in their favorite 20’s and 30’s gear. Lots of old friends and met some new ones too! Forrest was rocking when i got there then followed up by Dragn’fly! Then I got on. Started with some trancey type techno stuff, brought it down into some minimal white noize stuff, after that i don’t even remember. Next thing I know Michael Liu was on deck and it was time for me to get off! What an amazing set, crowd, party! 5 Stars across the board! Well done all involved in putting this on, you should all be proud of yourselves! This weekend I’m off to Bend, OR for Prehistoric with Frankie Bones and Woody McBride!