11-23-09: Just back from Oregon! Made it a quick trip this weekend, left Saturday Morning back on Sunday night, Party was excellent, Slipmat Science guys know how to do it, sound, decor, vibe. Heavy snows kept the show a little light on attendance but I was amazed to see how many people braved the storm to get there. Frankie Bones played some really bangin hard techno, Woody lightened it up a bit but was really solid! Everything was recorded so I’ll see what I can get my hands on. Drive home was intense to say the least, from Bend to Chiloquin HWY 97 was nothing but ice and hard packed snow. For over 110 miles! Saw cars loosing control, crashing every couple of miles. Actually slid into on coming traffic at one point, luckily no one was coming and was able to steer the car quickly back into my lane. Had an awesome time with everyone in Bend but am glad to be home safe and sound. Thanks to Ratchet for keeping me company on the trip.