03-01-10: Holy Mole! What a month. February I thought was going to be a quite month but was I wrong! Started off with flying up to Portland, stayed at the Jupiter Room Hotel. Two thumbs way up on this place. If you’re in Portland this is the place to stay, Had a blast in PDX then traveled down to Eugene for Love Family’s: Toon’d In. This event was amazing. Even with the police making us keep the sound down, this event still blasted off! Great crowd, vibe, decor, you name it! This event is what its all about! Thanks to my friend Jason, we got a ton of video that I will be posting on my Youtube, hopefully I can get this up very very soon! Thank you Love Family what an awesome event you guys should be proud!

On February 19th went back to Kelly’s Mission rock for my first time since last summer. I was doubtful of changes in Security but I can honestly say I’m glad I was wrong. I think Dr. Spook went the extra mile with this event and it really showed, from constant updates about the event to creating a very nice, fun and welcoming vibe to the whole event. I was way impressed and the event was spectacular. Nyquil and myself dropped a 2 hour set right before Forest Green in the Main room and the crowd was definitely feeling it that night. Totally rocked that building and I’m way happy to see Kelly’s making the changes to get a better rep for their venue but mainly their security. Way to go Spookie and all involved in this awesome event!