Its always nice when someone takes the time to share their experience and I’d like to share this one with you. Clay W Warix IV wrote me the other about his experience during one of my sets (at a small burner event where I played a 4 hour set on all vinyl, no digital at all!) and well its one of those reviews where you feel like maybe you really are making a difference.

Thanks Clay for sharing it with us, Much appreciated and hope to see you out on the dance floor again soon!

“G.A.M.M.A. last night you created one of the most touching tracks ever. Anyone who was at the party last night got to feel something that could only be described as POWERFUL . That last track was unbelievably one of a kind. It was meant… for that exact moment. Every one on the floor was enjoying each moment to its fullest potential as it arrived. When you stepped out to hear that last bit you created A lady gave you a hug and your track playing was in perfect vibrational harmony with you . It exploded with this energy that was beond indescribable. HUGE ups to you. Thank you. I feel extremely lucky to be on that dance floor. Your music took my body over so easily . Everything that I feel ,hear , or touch now has a vibration and sound to it. You gave me a gift of music. You have some sort of healing powers man . You changed my life. This might all sound crazy man but it is the real deal no bull sh#$.”

Clay W Warix IV