Booking Info


Please include the following information:

  1. When and Where your event will be taking place?
  2. Ticket Price (Pre-sale and Door Price)?
  3. Capacity of Event? All Ages / 18+ / 21+?
  4. What other acts that will be billed at the event?
  5. If multiple Rooms which room will he be in?
  6. Capacity of Room G.A.M.M.A. will be playing in?
  7. Purposed set time?
  8. Who would be playing before and after?
  9. Purposed Lodging? Purposed Payment?
  10. Who will be doing sound? Type of Sound?
  11. What will the deck set up be? (Pioneer CDJ2000 preferred)
  12. What type of Mixer (Pioneer DJM800 or better)?

Thank you for your time!